VirTra Systems has won contracts to supply small arms training simulators to both a U.S. military installation and a domestic law enforcement agency.

The United States Air Force Space Command, 30th Security Forces Squadron at Vandenberg AFB, California is purchasing two simulators from VirTra. One of the simulators is VirTra’s ultra realistic simulator, the VirTra 300 MIL(TM), which is the most authentic real-world simulator for dismounted combat situations. The other simulator in the order is VirTra’s ultra-portable simulator, the VirTra 100 MIL(TM). In addition to the simulators, the purchase includes various advanced drop-in recoil kits that fit into real firearms, light machine guns, Threat-Fire(TM) return fire devices, and other supporting accessories.

In addition to the USAF sale, VirTra received an order from the Moultrie Police Department in Georgia. The purchase is for a VirTra 300 LE(TM), which is the most realistic and effective police simulator in the world. The order includes a full range of drop-in recoil kits and less-than-lethal simulator compatible devices, such as TASER(R) and OC spray. Also included in their package are VirTra’s unique patent-pending Threat-Fire(TM) electric return fire devices. All of these unique devices combine to make training sessions in a VirTra 300 LE(TM) simulator far more realistic, challenging, and effective than any other product on the market.

“These recent 300-degree simulator contracts are evidence of our continued success with customers who require no less than the finest police simulators and small arms training on the planet. Personnel authorized to use deadly force deserve the very best training available,” said Bob Ferris, VirTra’s CEO.

About VirTra Systems VirTra Systems, Inc. offers the world’s most realistic firearms training simulators for Military and Law Enforcement customers around the globe. VirTra is the highest standard in simulation, offering a full range of the finest firearms training systems to fit any budget, the world’s best simulated recoil systems, and the ability to add and measure real stress during training with the Threat-Fire(TM) return fire system (patent pending). .

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Source: VirTra

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