Custom-built for the utmost precision, the Sionics Weapon Systems Police Sniper guarantees reliable performance downrange. Shown with a Leupold 3.5-10×40 Mark 4 riflescope.

Special response teams in law enforcement will often deploy counter-snipers/marksmen to conduct mission-critical tasks, including observation and, when necessary, threat elimination. However, while there are certainly skill and training similarities between military and police marksmen, the role of the police marksman is far different given differences in terrain circumstances and mission.

The most comprehensive study of actual shots taken by law enforcement marksmen is contained in the American Sniper Association’s Police Sniper Utilization Survey Report. This report conclusively documented that the vast majority of shootings occur within 100 yards and most police shooters use .308 Winchester rifles. This preference for .308 Win. ammunition has a practical application when it comes to shooting through a barrier such as glass, but even in such instances there is a potential for over-penetration, which can endanger hostages, bystanders, or even team members. In addition, situations where shooting through a barrier is necessary are not the norm.

BlackHawk’s Precision Tactical Bipod is easily deployed and features 25 degrees of cant for the adjustable, telescoping legs.

A bonded soft-point .223 round will stay together through windshield glass and reliably expand in ballistic gelatin to as much as .60 caliber, and is unlikely to over-penetrate. FBI tests show that .223 ammunition penetrated less than handgun rounds fired from SMG-length barrels. With this in mind, I asked Sionics Weapon Systems out of Tucson, Arizona, to build what they consider the ultimate police sniper rifle on the familiar AR platform in 5.56mm/.223 Remington. They started with their Perimiter Marksman Rifle and added the features I requested through their custom shop. The AR’s direct gas impingement system has a well-earned reputation for accuracy, and the reduced recoil of the .223 round and the semi-automatic operation make for very quick follow-up shots should they be necessary.

The 18.5-inch, match-grade stainless steel barrel has a 1-in-8-inch twist rate, a heavy contour, and a low-profile gas block.

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Custom-built for the utmost precision, the Sionics Weapon Systems Police Sniper guarantees reliable performance…