Trident – This eyewear comes with a Polarized Smoked Lens plus 2 additional lenses (Clear & Amber), in order to interchange them according to the weather and lighting conditions. Smoked lens also has a hydrophobic coating forcing water to bead up and roll off lenses. A removable closed-cell foam, goggle strap, cleaning cloth and carry case are also included with Trident.

Enforcer – The single lens wraps around the face, and the frame has a lip at the top to protect against wind and debris. The three included lenses (Anti-Fog Smoked, Clear and Amber) can be changed according to the current lighting conditions. The Enforcer comes with a cleaning cloth and carry case.

Rukus – Not only does it have removable closed-cell foam, but it also has Anti-Fog Photochromic Lenses. These features allow use in your everyday life or while you’re participating in your favorite sport. The Rukus also comes with a carry case and microfiber cleaning cloth to keep these sunglasses in the best shape possible.

Renegade – Unique styling and convertible function that set it apart from the other eyewear in its class. The Renegade has Photochromic Lenses that start out clear (V.L.T. 83%) and darken to a medium smoke (V.L.T. 28%) while in bright sunlight. This eyewear also comes with removable closed-cell foam to ensure a tear-free ride while cruising. Carry case, microfiber cleaning cloth and goggle strap are also included.

DZL & Fuel
– Both goggles come with lenses that get darker in the sunlight and a neoprene foam lined with fleece for additional comfort. The lenses are Photochromic starting with a light tint (85% V.L.T.) and transform to a medium smoke (25% V.L.T.) in bright UV light. The polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant and come with an Anti-Fog Coating. The DZL and Fuel also come with a microfiber pouch for easy transport.

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Trident - This eyewear comes with a Polarized Smoked Lens plus 2 additional lenses…