From handguns to rifles and everything in between, Smith & Wesson‘s reputation proceeds it.

The gun manufacturer recently unveiled the all new rimfire .22 LR M&P22 Compact at a pre-release event at the Smith & Wesson headquarters in Springfield, Mass.

Of the .22 LR M&P22 Compact, author Michael Humphries writes, “The pistol itself is unique. Rather than being a 1-to-1 scale version of the full-size pistol, the new M&P22 Compact is sized down to an 87.5-percent scale of the 9mm/.40 M&P series. The result is a pistol that visually appears to be the same as the standard but is more svelte and compact in the hand. In fact, the only thing that is not to the 87.5-percent scale on the pistol is (for obvious reasons) the strip of Picatinny rail on the dust cover.”

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