Caracal CS 308 sneak lead
Sneak Peek: Running the Caracal CS 308 Through the Sniper Experience

Almost two years ago now I had the opportunity to shoot the Caracal CS 308 precision rifle while visiting the United Arab Emirates. It proved to be accurate, smooth and very soft shooting. Slated for U.S. import, my time with the rifle was more of an introduction with limited range time than a full test and evaluation. Jeff Spalding, the sole U.S. representative of Caracal promised me some serious time on the rifle once it made it here. It took a while, but that opportunity finally arrived.

Jeff took me with him to a class called the “Sniper Experience.” Put on by Armageddon Tactical Solutions, it is taught by former military operators, including Army Rangers and even special missions unit members. Chase “Pump” Stroud, one of the best competitive precision rifles shooters in the country, is also part of the staff. The course itself included more than 500 rounds of shooting from 100 to 1,000 yards on a square range, unknown-distance shooting to well past a mile, long-range targets that move and firing under stress. As a bonus, we got to fire carbines from a Little Bird helicopter and drive ATVs at night while operating with night-vision gear. Honestly, this course was extremely thorough, and I was really able to put the CS 308 through its paces. I can also say that this is some of the best training available anywhere. Held at the Legion Training Center in Blakely, Georgia, it may be the most fun you can have with a precision rifle, period!

Take a minute or two and watch this short video covering much of what we did during the course. And keep your eyes peeled for future articles on the Caracal CS 308 rifle and the Sniper Experience course in magazines like TACTICAL WEAPONS and SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE.

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