When Heckler & Koch decided to replace the MP5, the reaction was mixed at best. The MP5 was iconic in the submachine gun world. It was reliable, accurate and easy to shoot, especially in 9mm. From a user’s perspective, it was very close perfect.


From a manufacturing standpoint, however, it was a different story. With many small parts and the need for skilled labor, the MP5 was just too costly to build and stay competitive—especially with the flood or AR-type rifles entering the market. This resulted in the introduction of HK’s Universal Machine Pistol or UMP.


Initially imported in America in .45 ACP, it was later chambered in .40 S&W as well. The rest of the world also had access to a 9mm version. Its “simple blowback” design eliminated most all of the small parts. Other than the barrel, the remainder of the gun was polymer, keeping production costs low. The UMP was also imported at almost half the cost of an MP5, with a similar reduction in wait times.

I brought in some of the first HK UMP .45s for my police department SWAT team. Having used a UMP for years and completing an HK’s Instructor Course with one, I’m pretty familiar with the SMG and jumped at the chance to get to use one again. Take a quick look at the video and take the time to read my review in an upcoming issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement. Spend some time with a workhorse that has seen thousands of rounds, hundreds of deployments and remains an issued weapon for our detectives to this day. For more information, visit or call 706-568-1906.



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When Heckler & Koch decided to replace the MP5, the reaction was mixed at…