Will the new cartridge live up to all of the hype? Will the Loki Patrol Rifle be able to cut it as a suppressed subsonic weapon and be able to make the switch to high-velocity ammo without a hitch?


We put the rifle and cartridge to the test with an exhaustive range of factory loads, Remington’s 220-grain subsonic loads, handloads with jacketed bullets and a couple of cast bullet loads for those interested in a lot of shooting on the cheap. Check out the upcoming issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.

If that’s not enough .300 Blackout, check out the  upcoming issue of Special Weapons for Military & Police. In this issue, we dig into Advanced Armament Corporation’s launch of the new cartridge with sister company Remington Arms. To get things off to a good start, we get a first look at rifles chambered for the new cartridge by Loki Weapons Systems, Delta Company Arms, and Advanced Armament Corporation.


Got enough information on the .300 Blackout yet? We didn’t think so. In the upcoming issue of Tactical Weapons we’ll dig into the widest range of handloads for the cartridge, and shed some light on the questions about adjustable gas blocks. Do you need them to get the most out of a .300 Blackout? Learn this and more about an exciting new cartridge.

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Will the new cartridge live up to all of the hype? Will the Loki…