The Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) CQBODGB is an incredible accurate AR-style rifle. The gun has a 16-inch, chrome-lined barrel that has been cryogenically treated. The barrel has a 1-in-7-inch twist rate that helps stabilize heavy-for-caliber bullets.

During my testing, sub-1-inch groups were common. Gorilla Ammunition’s 69-grain Sierra MatchKing load was especially accurate in the CQBODGB.

LMT uses a truly monolithic upper on its CQB series rifles. This means that the forend and upper are one unit that is machined from a single block of aluminum. This gives the assembly a great deal of strength. Additionally, it ensures that the rails on the receiver and handguard are in perfect alignment.

This specific rifle came with an OD green finish and black furniture. During testing, the finish held up very well. The grip is made by Ergo to LMT’s specifications. It has a soft rubber overmolding that feels great in hand.

A SOPMOD stock comes standard on this rifle. The SOPMOD stock is adjustable for length of pull and allows for the storage of CR123 batteries in a pair of waterproof sleeves. The storage compartment gives the side of the stock a small bump-out that improves the shooter’s cheekweld.

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Lewis Machine & Tool CQBODGB AR-Platform Rifle solo

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