The Marlin is an autonomous submersible capable of deep-water inspection and electronic monitoring to depths to 1,000 feet with plans for other models to go much deeper. Differing from remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) that require a big ship to deploy the ROV and then handle the massive umbilical cables, the Marlin UAV can be operated from a laptop and can be placed in the water by helicopter.

The Marlin can use side scan radar, sonar, sensors and cameras to transmit what is around it. Just imagine how much better off the Gulf of Mexico would be had we known at day two or three the magnitude of the Deep Horizon oil leak? To see more underwater innovations go to or call 703-367-2484, or 561-494-2079.

In response to the needs of our war fighters in Afghanistan, Altama has released their all-terrain/waterproof hiker designed to provide maximum comfort, stability and rugged durability. Our engagements in the high, rocky and unforgiving terrain have shown our issued combat boots just do not give our troops the service, foot stability or protection expected. The Operation Oasis Mountain Hiker with its proprietary dual density Sand shark bottom platform with a GORE-TEX lined nu-buck upper provides for exceptional abrasion and puncture protection. Designed as a comfortable mountain boot tail­ored more for sustained outdoor use, the attractive Oasis has non-metallic speed laces, full gusseted tongue and glove leather padded top collar. To see more visit

Now used by special operators, the X-pack draws contaminated, non-potable water across a patented membrane barrier that removes bacteria, viruses and cysts. Burdening troops with less than five pounds, the X-Pack can produce up to 8.5 gallons of water in the field.

Hydration Technology also has the HydroPack that self-hydrates in any water supply to produce 12 ounces of an electrolyte-enriched drink. That means any stagnant supply of water is a viable water source. Other filters supply fresh water from seawater to ensure being lost at sea does not mean death by dehydration. For more information visit

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