The objective of the GMV (Ground Mobility Vehicle) program is to provide US SOFs (Special Operations Forces) with a mobility platform capable of infiltrating and operating in low- to mid-intensity conflicts over a variety of terrain while significantly improving SOF’s capability to travel unassisted over long distances.

groundCurrent efforts underway with the GMV family include a suspension upgrade that returns some of the pre-armor payload capacity and a significant standardization effort to consolidate the multiple configurations of the GMV into a single SOF GMV with a heavy and light configuration based on the threat environment. An emerging requirement is the joint light tactical vehicle, the tactical replacement vehicle for the HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle).

To accomplish such an undertaking SOCOM (Special Operations Command) turned to the Letterkenny Army Depot in Pennsylvania to build a vehicle with unique capabilities above and beyond those provided by the Army standard HMMWV. SOCOM needed more firepower and durability than the conventional HMMWV and wanted increased lethality, survivability and sustainability.

Working together with US SOFs, the engineers and workers at Letterkenny have developed and modified a special purpose HMMWV that transformed into the new fighting platform, the GMV. These SOF teams include the Army Rangers, SF Groups as well as Navy SEAL teams. Each team’s vehicles are tailored to meet various operational scenarios and tempo.

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The objective of the GMV (Ground Mobility Vehicle) program is to provide US SOFs…