COBB BA50 .50BMG by Charlie Cutshaw
Super BMG accuracy that won’t bust a budget!

DPMS PANTHER 6.8mm SPC by Charlie Cutshaw
Proven carbine with next-generation post .223 ammunition!

SABRE DEFENCE XR15A3-M4 5.56mm by Leroy Thompson
A super-versatile sub-MOA sureshot out to 300 meters!

HK’s TACTICAL EDGE by Mike Boyle
Eight weapon systems truly in a league of their own!

Accurate and 100% reliable—it’s ready for duty!

SHOT SHOW 2007 by Dave Spaulding
Newest weapons and equipment for military and police!

BETTER-IDEA 6.5mm GRENDEL by Stan Crist
Quite possibly the world’s best assault rifle cartridge!

SURGEON RIFLES TACTICAL .308/.338 by Stanton Wormely, Jr.
At last! Tactical precision rifle perfection!

Navy’s latest shallow water X-craft

Combat optics
getting the bad guys with USMC’s Trijicon ACOG

Small unit tactics
sniper’s dilemma—the good and bad guy’s sides

Gear bag
eleven pro-grade LED lights

High tech
USAF’s most advanced tactical fighter—F-22A Raptor

Basic training
get that superior force—mastering the combat shotgun

Expert rifleman
new battlefield requirements—new rifles and ammo needed

Op tech
AAC’s 5 pistol suppressors for the US Army

New products
CIACS, Enhanced Combat Optical Sight, Pistol Grip Buttstock & Forend Package, Tactical Hand Torch, AR-15 Triggers, TP-9 9mm

Up Next

Op Tech: 5 AAC Pistol Suppressors

FEATURES: COBB BA50 .50BMG by Charlie Cutshaw Super BMG accuracy that won’t bust a…