The Navy’s X-Craft provides many capabilities in one ship. Separately, her components are not exceptional, but for the first time they are all brought together to make this a unique vessel. Also for the first time, US Navy crewmen and Coastguardsmen are working together on the same ship. The Navy built the X-Craft to do what no other navy vessel can–operate in shallow water near a coastline. We talked with the Office of Naval Research about the new X-Craft.

Photo courtesy of NavySW: For those of us who don’t know, what exactly does the Office of Naval Research (ONR) do?
ONR: The mission of the Office of Naval Research is to foster, plan, facilitate and transition scientific research in recognition of its paramount importance to enable future naval power and the preservation of national security. The ONR coordinates, executes and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps through schools, universities, government laboratories, and nonprofit and for-profit organizations. It provides technical advice to the Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the Navy, and works with industry to advance technology and improve manufacturing processes.

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