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The firearms realm is replete with gadgets and accessories ranging from mild to wild. Inside that interesting realm there are products designed to fit specific needs and applications. Nowhere is that seen more clearly than with the Corner Shot.

The Innovative Corner Shot

The Corner Shot has been around for a minute now. It’s an adaptive device that provides the ability to observe and engage a target from behind a corner. As the name implies, it allows you to see and shoot around corners without exposing yourself to return fire.

The Corner Shot attaches to several semi-auto and select-fire pistols, including Glock 17/18/19, SIG Sauer P226/228, Browning Hi-Power, and Beretta M9/92F/M93R. With the unique mounting system, the CornerShot turns a pistol into a pistol-caliber, short-barreled rifle with a swiveling front section.

The Corner Shot’s hinging lever allows the operator to quickly swivel the weapon system in either direction, depending on the direction of the corner and hostile threat, and then turn it back to straight just as quickly. The heart of the system is a camera lens attached to the front of the swiveling pistol mount. It also has a flashlight mounted above the camera, along with a laser sight.

Mounted on the left side of the “receiver” is a flip-out camcorder-style video monitor. It features a sighting crosshair, heavily reinforced for hard use, just like the rest of the unit. The high-resolution video camera and monitor are what allows the operator to see around corners in real time.

The Corner Shot was developed to minimize exposure during a fight.

Amos Golan, the inventor, one of Corner Shot’s founders and a former anti-terror unit commander said, “The Corner Shot system is designed in a way that enables security forces to engage targets from the left and right, from the front, up or down, and to move to each of these shooting positions very rapidly without the removal of hands from the weapon. This shortens reaction time and increases accuracy in sudden engagement situations. The weapon system can be triggered completely from behind cover.”

The Professional Variant

While the pistol version of the Corner Shot has seen its share of media exposure over the years, few people know that it is designed to run other weapon systems as well. But military and law enforcement around the world took notice of the Corner Shot 5.56mm.

This version allows the installation of a standard AR platform rifle into the system. The buttstock removes, leaving just the tube. Obviously, the preferred rifle would be an SBR simply to reduce weight and size. All the same features found with the pistol version remain such as the camera, light and laser sight.

So Corner Shot went a step further and even offers a version that hosts a 40mm grenade launcher. The Corner Shot 40mm utilizes essentially the same chassis system, but it also holds a 40mm launcher such as the M203. As extreme as it may sound, the applications are solid.

This system utilizes 40mm door breaching munitions without blocking the line of sight. It also keeps operators safe by allowing door breaching from behind cover without the risk of drawing fire from the target, door blast secondary projectiles, ammo ricochet or other hazards while standing close to the opening. The CS40 works for less lethal deployment with tear-gas, foam/rubber/sponge grenades and other less-lethal ammunition.

The Corner Shot works with several different semi-auto and select-fire pistol platforms.

The applications of the Corner Shot aim clearly at military and law-enforcement end users. While it allows the shooter to see around the corner, live video can transmit to a backpack screen, enabling other team members to share target information and to command and control. The unit is also capable of using other camera systems if the end users require it.

Lastly, the unit sets up to facilitate recording of the operator’s screen. It documents all target engagements. This proves an effective tool, used for legal and training purposes similar to LE bodycams. A little research allowed me to discover the company makes a civilian version of the Corner Shot as well.

Civilian Corner Shot!

The Corner Shot “civilian” configuration does not have night vision and thermal capability, nor does it have the video transmission/record capability. Civilian applications are a bit thin, but I am certain many of you now are shouting reasons why you want one. I will be honest; I want one too.

In that the unit ships without an actual firearm, there is no FFL or related paperwork to get one. What I will say is that the ATF has an unclear vision of just what is and what isn’t an SBR, so keep that in mind if you get one and quickly mount your handy Glock into it.

Golan summarized the Corner Shot by saying, “I believe that the Corner Shot weapon system can be extremely beneficial in the global war on terror. It protects soldiers’ lives and increases their chances of survival, while drastically improving their ability to gather information and transmit the combat scenario as well as pinpoint and engage targets out of their line of sight. Today’s combat situations, especially in low intensity conflicts, involve fighting in urban terrain, and inside inhabited buildings, forced entry into airplanes, buses or trains. This unnecessarily exposes security forces to the enemy and presents an immediate risk to their lives. Corner Shot removes the need for this initial exposure.”

Militaries and law enforcement agencies have been taking a hard look at Corner Shot.

The Corner Shot takes us down an exciting, new road. For even more info, please visit

Corner Shot Specs

  • Weight (excluding pistol): 8.5 pounds
  • Overall length stock extended: 32.67 inches
  • Overall length stock folded: 25.2 inches
  • Traversing Angle: 62 degrees in either direction 
  • Display: 2.5 inches, Display Resolution: 480W x 234H
  • Display Power: 8 x CR123 lithium batteries
  • Continuous operation: 220 minutes
  • Tactical Light Power: 2 x CR123 lithium batteries
  • Continuous Operation: 160 minutes, approximate
  • Effective Range: 131 yards

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