Brownells has teamed with LMT Defense to offer the M203 37mm Launcher. It’s a replica of the iconic M203 40mm grenade launcher first introduced in 1969, which is still used by militaries around the world to this day.

This M203 37mm launcher fire flare, smoke, or rubber ball rounds, meaning civilians can own it with no FFL required. According to the product listing, it attaches to standard M16A2 rifle barrels with a front diameter of .625 inches, or an M4 carbine barrel with the grenade launcher cutout in front of the gas block, with a GI-style barrel nut at the rear. So if you’re looking to amp up your 5.56 Brownells Retro Rifle or use it as a training tool for LEOs and security, this looks to be a solid option.

Two different mounting kits are sold separately for the LMT M203 37mm launcher: one replicates the original M204 military mount right down to the replacement handguard and leaf sight; another quick-detach version allows for speedy installation and removal.

“Lewis Machine & Tool has been a longtime supplier of the 40mm M203 Grenade Launcher to the US Military, and now Brownells is proud to partner with LMT to offer a 37mm M203 Flare Launcher to the firearms enthusiast, collector and reenact,” said Brownells Director of Product Management Paul Levy. “Neither a destructive device or controlled FFL item, owning an authentic M203 has never been more straightforward and accessible.”

The MSRP on the M203 37mm launcher is $1,599. See a rundown of features below.

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LMT M203 37mm Launcher

  • Shoot 37mm flares or similar rounds only
  • Fits AR-15 with M4 carbine or 20″ M16A2 rifle barrel contour
  • 7075 aluminum, mil-spec hard-anodized finish, matte black
  • Smooth-bore barrel will not accept military 40mm rounds
  • 15″ OAL
  • 12″ barrel
  • 3 lbs. total wt.

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