Say hello to the SIG LMG 6.8. The genesis of this new belt-fed machine gun is based on the military’s NGSW or Next Generation Squad Weapon program, as the military seeks to improve the accuracy, range, and lethality in their weapons, as well as ergonomics with new weapons chambered in 6.8×51. This awesome piece of machinery attempts to significantly increase lethality and probability of hit at the squad level. 

SIG LMG 6.8 Machine Gun

The SIG LMG 6.8 comprises an air-cooled machine gun that fires from an open bolt. The LMG 6.8 has ambidextrous AR-style ergonomics, quick detach magazines, increased M1913 rail space, and a quick-detach SIG-developed suppressor. The feed tray is a side-opening design, which not only makes it easier to manipulate, but allows for additional top-mounted attachments with minimal interference. It has a side-charging handle, but even that was unique. It is a folding design, which keeps it out of the way and reduces the chance of snagging. The LMG 6.8 can be loaded on safe or fire, feed tray open or closed, with or without the loading spoon, and with the bolt forward or back. It also features a mountable magwell for the attachment of its box magazine. This makes reloading on the move a more familiar and much easier task.

Awesome Firepower

The LMG 6.8 can also be chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and 6.5 Creedmoor. This is brilliant on Sig’s part, as it allows soldiers to train with and expend existing stockpiles of ammo. Even though it weighs less than the M249 SAW, it was easier to run because of Sig’s recoil mitigation design and engineering.

The SIG LMG 6.8 comprises an air-cooled machine gun that fires from an open bolt.

Also in the line up is the Sig MG 338 belt-fed machine gun. First introduced in 2017, it is designed to run the powerful, long-range .338 Norma Magnum (8.6x63mm). It offers effective range significantly longer than that of 7.62×51 NATO weapons and is close to the heavier M2HB 50BMG Browning. The MG338 is also light, weighing less than the standard M240/FN MAG machine gun. The Sig MG 338 machine gun is a fully-automatic, gas-operated, belt-fed weapon that fires from open bolt. It uses a short-stroke piston gas system, with the piston running below the quick-detachable barrel. The gas block is provided with a manual gas regulator with two settings, for normal or suppressed use.

Versatile Platform

To reduce recoil, the bolt group resides inside a long, tubular barrel extension. The design enables it to recoil inside the outer receiver. The gun feeds using disintegrating belts with open loops, and ammunition push-feeds from the belt and into the barrel. Loading and unloading occurs through a top-opening feed cover. Belt feed direction comes via the operator to feed from the left or from the right. The manual safety is ambidextrous, and the non-reciprocating charging handle can be set up by the user on either side of the gun. Ammunition also feeds from loose belts, or from special semi-rigid ammo pouches attached to the bottom of the gun. The gun can also be fed via flexible chute from a large-capacity ammunition can, installed on the vehicle.

The gun comes equipped with iron sights and a Picatinny rail interface on the top of receiver for installation of various day and night sights. This 300-grain belted magnum round has recoil similar to a 7.62mm NATO cartridge, yet is lethal to 1,700 meters or more. It has been reported that even at 1,000 meters the .338NM can defeat Level III body armor, while it is capable of penetrating soft-skinned vehicles – and thus meets USSOCOM’s need for a platform that could effectively bridge the gap between the M240 and its 7.62mm round and the .50 BMG. Running this gun was reminiscent of a M240B 7.62 machine gun. It provided lighter recoil however and was very comfortable to shoot. For even more info, please visit

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