Autumn means different things to different folks. For some, it’s a seasonal latte, or perhaps biting into a crisp apple. While for others it means getting to wear a favorite sweater again or traveling up north to photograph the leaves as they gently change colors. Not us. No, fall means one thing: mini cannon.

Traditions Napoleon III Mini Cannon

We’re talking smashing sh*t—plain and simple; and there is no better target this time o’ year than the plentiful pumpkin. This year we are doing it in style with the Traditions Napoleon III replica cannon. The attention to detail and realism is so remarkable in this sample that it was almost a shame to drag it across the sand and fire it.

The luminous nickel-plated 14.5-inch gun is suspended on a beautiful oil-rubbed carriage complete with functional storage containers and ramrods. This 15-pound replica fires a heavy-hitting .69 caliber ball (or whatever you want to jam down the muzzle) through the use of genuine black powder or Pyrodex. Both of these, as well as the required fuse, are available from Hodgdon and can be metered through a black powder measure or weighed out with a simple, portable scale like the Lyman Micro-Touch 1500.

Watch us stack up nature’s high-vis targets. Moreover, watch us blast them with a barrage of cannon fodder and even some home brew canister shot. Seeds will fly and gourds will roll! For more information, visit For powder and such, visit and Also, for a review of the Napoleon III, grab the Dec 2020 issue of Tactical Life magazine at

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