Grenade launchers cause a lot of damage, but a simulated grenade launcher is a different story.

X Products has released a product that successfully simulates the use of a grenade while keeping things safe.

The Can Cannon is the ultimate simulated grenade launcher and multi-use tool. The primary use, launching full 12-ounce soda cans 105 yards with Mil Standard Blanks.

Other uses include a decoy launcher for training, grappling hook launcher, net launcher and much more. X Products has labeled the Can Cannon as “more fun than you should have with a firearm accessory, and brings laughs and smiles to anyone who uses it.”

The cannon is designed with a proprietary gas system that can safely throw thin wall heavy objects without damaging them. It is available in Black, FDE and Olive Drab.

The Can Cannon retails for $399 with the complete upper, or just $199 for the forend.

For more information on the Can Cannon and other products from X Products, please visit

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