Spike TV is celebrating Veteran’s Day with a new initiative aimed at helping to lower the unemployment rate for U.S. veterans.

“Hire A Veteran” will showcase companies — “from Main St. to Wall St.” — who do provide jobs for veterans returning home from service, and includes a Website with information for job-seeking veterans, with listings of companies looking to hire vets and help for job training and vets looking to start their own businesses.

Spike TV will air a series of “Honor Roll” spots featuring real veterans talking about companies who have hired them, while stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, George Lucas and Bradley Cooper are filming a series of “Hire A Veteran” promotional clips for the network.

“Spike TV is honored to assist this country’s veterans — real-life heroes who represent the best of what our country is about,” Spike TV president Kevin Kay said. “These young men and women who have bravely served their country are now making the often difficult transition from military service to the general workforce. Hire A Veteran is designed to help in that process.”

Visit Spike’s veteran website here.

Source: Kimberly Potts for TheWrap.

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