Number Of Students: 20

Cost: Free

Eligibility: Registrant must be (one of the following):
A sworn law enforcement officer, or A civilian employed by a bonifide law enforcement agency, or An active duty or active duty reservist member of the United States armed forces. Additionally, he/she must have successfully passed a recognized law enforcement firearm instructor course, is currently certified to teach law enforcement firearm training, and whose position requires them to perform armorer related work within their organization. U.S. Citizenship is required.

Entry Deadline:
October 7, 2011

Prerequisites: None.

Instructors: Team One Network Training Staff

Curriculum: Springfield Armory Armorer courses are structured to provide each student with a practical understanding of the advanced features that make the Springfield Family of Firearms unique.

Students will gain hands-on experience with the XD Pistols, the safest polymer handgun available, bringing together a number of important safety innovations into one firearm.

Students will receive practical skills on the 1911-A1 pistols the “warhorse” of combat pistols and the M1A rifle which is based on the legendary M-14 renowned for its accuracy, reliability and durability.

Topics to be covered are:
Operator use
Cycle of functioning
Field & detail stripping
Care & cleaning
Preventive & corrective maintenance
Duration of this class: 3 Days (Day One 1911, Day Two M1A, Day Three XD)

A 3-year Springfield Armory factory armorer certification will be provided to each student successfully completing this course.

Equipment Needed: Eye protection and note taking materials.

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Number Of Students: 20 Cost: Free Eligibility: Registrant must be (one of the following):…