Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Tactical Model pistol
The Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Tactical Model

The following is a release from Springfield Armory:

Sometimes bigger is better. That’s exactly the goal of the new XD Mod.2 Tactical model from Springfield Armory.

Designed for recreation, self-defense, or competition, the full-size XD Mod.2 Tactical not only offers big capacity but faster-aiming capability thanks to its extra long sight radius. The five-inch barrel not only delivers every possible bit of extra velocity, but it also adds a little more weight up front, which helps control recoil and muzzle flip, allowing shooters to get back on target faster.

“Finally! This is the Mod.2 I have been waiting for!” says Rob Leatham, Captain of Team Springfield. “The XD Mod.2 Tactical is optimized to increase its performance. It has a longer slide, a full-length frame, increased weight and an increased gripping area size,” he explains enthusiastically, “This gun is pretty much everything I want in a competition-capable package without being too big, or too heavy for other uses.”

The XD Mod.2 5” Tactical Model packs 16+1 rounds of 9mm ammo in its two included stainless steel magazines. While it’s a double stack design, it’s not too thick to carry like so many competitors’ models. Measuring just 1.19 inches wide, it’s a good tenth of an inch narrower than most double stacks on the market and barely wider than single stack pistols with far less capacity.

Whether used on the competitive range or for more tactical scenarios, fast and accurate shooting requires control, so all of the Mod.2 enhancements are included. High cutouts on the back of the grip and behind the trigger put support near the bore line to minimize muzzle flip. The new Grip Zone contours and texturing are specifically designed to provide maximum purchase at those points where hands and fingers require the most contact. Three different textures provide the grip surface needed without painful overkill.

The sights are designed for fast acquisition, leveraging the combination of fiber optic front paired with a low profile combat rear sight. The bright fiber optic tube leaps into view while the rear sight is shaped so it won’t catch on holsters or clothing.

The new XD Mod.2 Tactical model is available in black with a Melonite slide or Bi-Tone with a forged stainless steel slide. Overall dimensions measure 8.3 inches long and 5.5 inches tall.

Built for high volume use, the XD Mod.2 Tactical isn’t a gun that will require babying. This combat-ready gun is designed to be used, not left in the safe.

For more information, please visit Springfield-Armory.com.

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