It doesn’t take much research to see the trend towards carbines in law enforcement. I don’t care if it is an AR variant, a pistol-caliber carbine or my favorite Ruger Mini-14, the move to the carbine for patrol operations is long overdue and I commend the many trainers and administrators who have spearheaded this movement. While the active shooter/killer is still rare in our country, such incidents are on the rise and the need to prepare to respond quickly and efficiently is great. First responders may need to place rounds at greater distance in these scenarios, which makes the patrol carbine the right weapon for the job.

The Springfield XDM 3.8, chambered in the manstopping .40 S&W cartridge, is the perfect back-up gun for law enforcement officers, as well as an ideal off-duty carry gun. Shown equipped with an ArmaLaser Stingray SR2 subcompact laser.

But think about the real world you work in. How often do you walk around with a carbine in your hand while on patrol or conducting investigations? Based on what we know of the history of police-related gunfights, how many occur quickly and without warning? If you are being honest you’re saying, “Yeah, gunplay occurs more often on the spur of the moment.”

The match-grade barrel of the pistol locks directly into the squared ejection port of the slide. Note large size of ejection port.

Seldom do we know the complete circumstances of any dispatch we are sent on—would you really carry your carbine to every dispatch? For this reason, the handgun will remain the go-to gun for American law enforcement. If you can choose your duty handgun, select it wisely as it may be your lifeline.

As an additional safety measure, the XDm 3.8 employs a grip safety on the backstrap that must be depressed for the pistol to fire.

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It doesn’t take much research to see the trend towards carbines in law enforcement.…