Introduced in 2014, Springfield Armory’s 4.0″ XD-S pistol has a small frame and a full-length, 4-inch barrel. The concept used in the 4.0″ XD-S is not new, but it is still pleasantly refreshing when found in factory pistols.

A duty length barrel on a thin, compact frame gives the 4.0″ XD-S a decisive advantage over other guns carried for backup and off-duty carry. The longer barrel gives the officer a longer sight radius, increased bullet velocity and decreased recoil. This all works out to mean harder-hitting bullets, improved accuracy and quicker follow-up shots.

The extra barrel length rarely causes any issues when concealing the pistol, especially when carried in a vest holster or on an ankle. Yet, the advantages it offers are unmistakable.

The 4.0″ XD-S was utterly reliable on the range. Every kind and brand of ammunition I fed it worked without a single hiccup. All duty guns should run reliably, but this holds double for any gun used as a backup.

A red fiber-optic front sight is standard on the 4.0″ XD-S. It gives the shooter a quick visual reference for getting rounds on target quickly. I found the pistol was very accurate with duty loads of all kinds. Recoil was exceptionally light for a backup gun, and follow-up shots are very quick. I found that the aggressive grip texture helped me keep a solid hold on the gun even with sweaty hands.

The 4.0″ XD-S comes in both 9mm and .45 ACP models. A standard magazine holds seven rounds in 9mm and five rounds in .45 ACP. In addition to the flush-fitting mag, an extended magazine ships with each pistol. These hold nine rounds of 9mm and seven rounds of the .45 ACP.

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