The left-hand upper of the 1L required redesigning the dustcover to flip up so it would not interfere with the bolt release lever.

Innovation is unique. Innovation is exceptional. And at Stag Arms, innovation is the modus operandi. In fact, innovation as a concept is tied intimately to the beginnings of this company through the very first product the company put out the door—the groundbreaking Model 1L.

The Model 1L “Plus Package” takes the left-hand 5.56mm Stag Arms carbine and adds tough Mil-Spec enhancements such as magnetic particle testing of the barrel and bolt assembly.

The Model 1L, simply put, is a left-handed M4 Carbine-style 5.56mm carbine. But “simply” might not be the best word choice in this case. Re-engineering an M4-pattern AR to be left-handed is not a simple task, even in these days of CNC machinery. And, standing out in the flooded AR market is no small feat, with a seemingly endless number of manufacturers offering a vast array of variations.

The 1L features a dedicated left-hand safety lever on the right-hand side of the lower receiver. Note the standard mag release button.

However, that is what made the 1L so special. Unlike many other manufacturers who simply rely on new combinations of standardized parts to make “new” variants, Stag’s Model 1L was something truly different—and one that required some specialized manufacturing and design to bring to reality. And Stag Arms was just the company to accomplish this feat.

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The left-hand upper of the 1L required redesigning the dustcover to flip up so…