Stag Arms has been more and more active in the 3Gun arena with this year’s announcement of its first shooting team. Following discussions with expert shooters, the STAG product development team discovered a need to fire at targets as quickly as possible without having to deal with muzzle rise.

“It definitely wasn’t easy,” says Mark Malkowski, president of Stag Arms. “We spent countless hours creating a muzzle device with the specific purpose of allowing a shooter to engage a second shot as quickly as their first.” Jesse Tischauser, shooter for Team STAG ARMS agrees. “In 3Gun competitions, it is imperative that muzzle movement between shots be kept to a minimum. The Stag Arms compensator provides the greatest reduction in muzzle flip and felt recoil on the market. The significant reduction in muzzle flip and the resultant rock solid sight picture allow the shooter to make rapid fire double taps at close range and significantly decreased shot-to-shot time during long range shooting. This dramatic increase in rapid fire shooting performance is all achieved without the shooter or those nearby feeling or hearing that dreaded concussion that other compensators are known for.”

The Stag Arms 3Gun Super Comp uses three major sciences to make it work. First and foremost, it uses cross drilling, which allows for maximum vertical venting and gas dissipation. Secondly, it incorporates nozzle technology – similar to the space shuttle – using cones to propel the device downward when fired. Lastly, it is weight balanced to allow for gravity to help counter the natural rise of shooting.

The 3Gun Super Comp will be available for purchase in late July.

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Stag Arms has been more and more active in the 3Gun arena with this…