Stag Arms 4 New Cerakote Color AR-15 Rifles

Star Arms’ collection of AR-15 rifles just got a serious upgrade.

The company has announced that in addition to its standard mil-spec black anodize coating, select models of Stag Arms’ AR-15 rifles can now be purchased with Cerakote finishes in four new colors:

  • Burnished Bronze
  • Gun Metal Grey
  • Foliage Green
  • Desert Tan

The Cerakote finish is available as an upgrade on the models 1, 2, 2T, 3, 3T, 3TM, 5, 9, and 9T, along with any left-handed counterparts.

The four new Cerakote color options are available for a $75 upgrade fee. The coating includes the handguard, delta ring, upper receiver, lower receiver, buffer tube, A2 grip, and mil-spec buttstock. Other grips and buttstocks offered will only be available in their original colors.

Stag Arms made the decision to go with the Cerakote finish after exhaustive research with different types of coatings

The Cerakote coating upgrade must be purchased at the same time the order for the rifle is placed and cannot be applied after the rifle leaves the factory.

For more information on the new Cerakote finishes from Stag Arms, please visit

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