Stag Arms’ new rifle is lightweight, versatile, packed with features and accurate for any patrol officer. Seen here with an EOTech 517 HWS and LaserMax’s rechargeable Genesis green laser.

You have to give the folks at Stag Arms credit for ingenuity. They put themselves on the map by making the first all-left-handed AR rifle. Creating a mirror image AR for lefties was both a marketing and an engineering coup, and the company has certainly not been resting on their laurels. Things have certainly changed quite a bit from my service days. It has gotten to the point where you basically cannot sell a firearm unless it will allow for the easy installation of various accessories, especially all manner of sights and lasers. What a difference a couple of decades makes.

Today, AR rifles with fixed carry handle rear sights seem like an anachronism, but just 20 years ago you would have been hard pressed to find a flattop AR. Optics had to be mounted on top of the carry handle using an awkward single-screw mount that placed the sight so high on the gun it was difficult to use. Often, a cheekrest would have to be added to the stock to provide any degree of comfort when using optics.

Diamondhead’s V-RS quad-rail handguard, standard on the Model 3, allows the operator to add more rails as additional accessories are needed.

Stag Arms’ new Model 3 is a direct gas impingement 5.56mm NATO semi-auto rifle that capitalizes on the growing interest and demand for quad-rail-ready handguards by providing a high-quality rifle with full accessory capability at the right price. The right price, in fact, is free. Stag Arms is including this significant upgrade over the standard carbine handguards on their popular Model 3 rifle at absolutely no additional cost. The rifle now ships standard with the extremely versatile Diamondhead V-RS (Versa-Rail System) handguard, which, together with the flattop upper receiver, provides an almost uninterrupted 13 inches of Picatinny rail.

Diamondhead Premium front and rear combat flip-up sights lock up securely and remains zeroed in combat situations.

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