Stag Arms has been an industry leader in the AR market for years. They continue to make excellent firearms, as well as parts and accessories. The company remains one of the few that provides rifles dedicated to left-handed shooters. For many officers, agencies and civilians, Stag Arms continues to be a one-stop shop for solid, reliable and well-built AR-platform rifles.

It’s no news that 3-Gun competitions are among the most popular in the country and continue to grow at an incredible rate. In keeping with the needs of these competitors, Stag Arms has created an excellent rifle. Designed with extensive input from their 3-Gun shooting team, the Stag Arms Model 3G is suited perfectly to the task. Starting with their excellent forged receiver, a Samson Evolution handguard serves as a forend. This handguard provides for a free-floated barrel yet maintains all the needed rail space. The 1.8-inch-diameter rail offers a top Picatinny rail along its entire length and users can mount rails along the sides where they prefer. Thermal bushings keep barrel heat away from the hands and the handguard can be attached using a standard barrel nut, making installation a breeze. It is easily one of the most versatile systems available.

In order to provide the best in accuracy, an 18-inch stainless steel match-grade barrel with a 1-in-8-inch twist is installed. It’s fluted for weight reduction and is topped off with a Stag Arms Model 3G compensator, which negates muzzle flip between shots. The use of a full-length gas system provides for reliability with the most popular match-grade ammunition. Together, these components provide for excellent accuracy and solid control during follow-up shots.

The receiver is mated to a Stag Arms lower. A Geissele Super 3-Gun trigger is installed for superb and reliable accuracy. This trigger remains the favorite among some of the top competitors. Rounding out the package is a Magpul ACS buttstock and MOE pistol grip. This rifle is available both right- or left-handed (Model 3GL), as well as an upper receiver in either configuration. All Stag Arms Model 3G rifles come with Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights. These sights serve as dedicated backup iron sights at a 45-degree offset, making transitions easy when optics are used. With a retail price of $1,459, the Stag Arms Model 3G is one of the best buys on the market for a 3-Gun rifle.

Tactical Models
Stag offers a complete line of rifles designed for the tactical operator, officer, or anyone requiring a solid AR-type rifle. The Model 1 is a mil-spec rifle built to the general specifications of an M4. This rifle uses a 16-inch, chrome-lined, M4-contoured barrel with a 1-in-9-inch twist rate and fixed A2 front sight. The removable carry handle allows for the use of iron sights as well as optics or red dots if needed. The collapsible six-position stock provides for use with body armor and easy transport. It comes with one 30-round magazine. The forend and pistol grip remain standard M4 designs.
The Model 2 starts with the Model 1 but has the carry handle replaced with a Midwest Industries flip-up rear sight. The front sight remains a fixed A2. This platform makes for the easy addition of red-dot or other optics. The Model 2T takes this rifle one step further, adding a Samson Star-C Quad Rail and an ARMS 40L flip-up rear sight. This allows for the addition of lights, lasers and other necessary accessories.

Stag’s Model 3 is dedicated to those with the need for space to add their own accessories. The top rail is bare, and the Model 3 also features the Diamondhead Versa handguard. A railed, low-profile gas block replaces the standard A2 sighting system. This rifle can be ordered bare or with your choice of accessories at an additional cost.

For those looking to purchase a solid base rifle with all the standard accessories, Stag offers the Model 4 rifle. With a 20-inch chrome-moly barrel and a 1-in-9-inch twist, it is a perfect example of the standard A2 rifle. A detachable carry handle is provided, as well as a fixed A2 stock, pistol grip and flash suppressor. A single 20-round magazine is also standard.

Going Further
If you are looking for a solid and dependable 6.8 SPC rifle, Stag has you covered. The Model 5 utilizes a 16-inch, chrome-lined barrel with an M4 contour and a 1-in-11-inch twist rate. Provided with a flattop receiver, you can add optics or sights as needed to match the fixed A2 front post. A standard A2 pistol grip is equipped, as well as a six-position collapsible stock. The rifle is provided with one 25-round magazine.

Stag’s Model 6 Super Varminter provides for excellent accuracy, wringing all you can out of the 5.56mm cartridge. The 24-inch, 1-in-8-inch-twist stainless barrel uses a target crown. A free-floating round handguard has Hogue texturing, perfectly suited to long-range accuracy. Given this rifle’s dedication to optics use, there is no front sight or railed gas block. Rounding out the rifle is a fixed A2 stock and Hogue pistol grip. The trigger is a two-stage match trigger for the best possible accuracy.

Considering the excellent hunting characteristics of the 6.8 SPC round, Stag offers a rifle suited to just this task. The Model 7 uses a 20.77-inch, 1-in-11-inch-twist barrel that is coated in S7 ceramic. The Model 7 has a free-floated aluminum handguard with Hogue texturing along with a fixed A2 stock and Hogue pistol grip.

One of the newest in their tactical line is the Model 8. This is a piston-driven rifle chambered in 5.56mm. The Model 8 uses a flattop receiver with a low-profile, railed gas block. A set of Diamondhead back-up sights is provided. The 16-inch chrome-lined barrel is completed with an M4 handguard as well as an A2 pistol grip and six-position collapsible stock.

Solid Builds
Stag Arms rifles are well known for their reliability and excellent quality. And don’t forget that all of the models listed above can be ordered in left-handed configurations. All of this is done while providing some of the best pricing in the industry. If you are looking for an excellent rifle perfectly suited to duty or just plain fun, make certain you take a solid look at Stag Arms.

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