The new Stag Arms Model 8T & 8TL tactical piston carbines continue the Stag Arm’s tradition of creating models based upon customer demand. Our most requested special order has been our popular Model 8 & 8L piston carbines with a free floating railed handguard. In response to this demand we have created the Model 8T & 8TL which features the new and innovative Diamondhead VRS-T free-floating modular handguard.

The VRS-T handguard creates a continuous top rail for the flexibility of mounting various optics, magnifiers, night vision units, laser designators, and other accessories. Instead of the standard four sided rail setup of many railed handguards the VRS-T has smooth sides and bottom with mounting points for the attachment of small sections of rail allowing the user to add rails just where they need them. This along with the triangular shape of the handguard creates an extremely ergonomic and comfortable grip compared to a four sided railed handguard.


The Model 8T & 8TL also come standard with a matched set of Diamondhead flip sights featuring the innovative diamond aperture which allows for faster target acquisition and more precise sighting. These rugged sights lock in the open position and have a dual aperture rear sight and adjustable front sight.

The Model 8T & 8TL retain all of the standard features from the Model 8 & 8L that have made them so popular. Featuring the easily serviced short stroke gas piston operating system which provides a cooler and cleaner system compared to the traditional direct impingement gas system. A 16” chrome lined 1/9 twist M4 government profile barrel with M4 feed ramps; a six position collapsible stock with a Mil-Spec receiver extension for the easy installation of aftermarket stocks; and our high quality machined in house forged 7075 T-6 aluminum upper and lower receivers.

With a suggested retail of $1275 for the Model 8T and $1295 for the Model 8TL the rifles represent an excellent value for a railed handguard piston AR-15 carbine. Along with the trusted Stag Arms lifetime warranty the Model 8T & 8TL offer the consumer a reliable, modular and dependable piston rifle at a great price.

• Ergonomic Diamondhead VRS-T handguard which is free-floating and modular
• Creates a continuous top rail in line with receiver rail affording flexibility in the mounting of optics.
• Handguard emulates the classic feel of the triangular early AR-15 handguard
• Self regulating short stroke piston which is easily serviceable and all gasses vent away from the shooter and action of the rifle
• One piece bolt carrier with integrated carrier key to prevent it from coming loose or being damaged
• Pads on the rear of the bolt carrier to prevent carrier tilt, greatly reducing wear on the rear of the lower receiver and receiver extension (buffer tube)
• Gas block is taper pinned to the barrel for a solid and reliable system.

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