Stag Arms may have just released one of the better offering for fall 2015 with two new additions to its 7 series of rifles.

Based upon the right-hand Stag 7 and left-hand Stag 7L rifles Stag Arms has added a 3x-9x power hunting scope and mount combination to the rifles, which are respectively named the Stag 7-S and Stag 7L-S.

The Stag 7-S and Stag 7L-s are designed for medium to large game hunters.

The Stag 7 series was built from the ground up as a hunting powerhouse. The rifle includes a 6.8 SPC SAAMI SPEC 2 chamber, 20.77” heavy barrel with a 1/10 twist, and target crown which is able to shoot all commercially available 6.8SPC ammunition.

The 6.8 SPC cartridge was originally designed for the U.S. military to be used in Afghanistan and has proven itself over the years as a hunting favorite due to its superior ballistics. The Hogue free-float aluminum handguard and pistol grip have a rubber surface to ensure that the shooters hands won’t slip when holding the rifle even while wearing thick gloves.

With a 2-pound first stage and a 3.5-pound second stage, the two-stage match trigger allows for accurate shots while at the range or in the field.

Finally, the proprietary Stag S7 barrel finish is designed to reduce glare and reduce the ability for game to notice it.

Attached to the rifle is the Nikon Active Target Special 3x-9x powered scope. The scope is installed using Nikon’s one piece scope mount, which ensures stability and trueness of accuracy.

Utilizing Nikon’s active target reticle and the link to their bullet drop calculator found on our website, the distance the bullseye will be hit for each of the drop indicators can be easily known. Unlike traditional crosshairs, which can obscure your sight picture, the active target reticle uses an open circle design which utilizes humans natural abilities to accurately find the center of a circle and won’t obscure the target.

Adjustments can easily be made as small as one-fourth minute of angle and without the need for any special tools.

The suggested retail price for the Stag 7-S is $1,280 and the 7L-S is $1,320.

For more information on the Stag 7-S and the Stag 7L-S, please visit

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