FORT BENNING, GA — An advanced rifle marksmanship concept developed at Fort Benning based on “lessons learned” in Iraq and Afghanistan might be instituted across all Army training centers later this year, officials said.

Col. Terry Sellers, operations officer for the Maneuver Center of Excellence, said Combat Familiarization Fire, or ARM 6, has not been formally added to the Army program of instruction, but that could happen around May as part of an overall POI review. New lesson plans are being drafted for the marksmanship field manual to include the CFF version standardized here.

“Some leaders have been taking different variations of this initiative and philosophy to operational units elsewhere for the past year-and-a-half,” he said. “The goal is to make it one standard for all the training centers … A lot of people want to help make the strategy better, but we’re making sure the formal lesson plans match what’s being done.”

CFF is the culmination of a Soldier’s marksmanship training from basic to advanced, said Capt. Ron Reed, the 198th Infantry Brigade’s operations officer. For about a year, it’s been taught to infantry Soldiers in one-station unit training and basic training with the 198th and 192nd Infantry brigades.

“It was implemented in response to lessons learned in theater,” Reed said. “It’s intended to give a realistic experience for a Soldier deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan … (Soldiers) learn the fundamentals and apply them. They are thinking about their next firing position, how many rounds they have to fire and time management under the stress factor of a full-combat load. Plus, the training factors in the weapon malfunction.”

Within the program, Soldiers fire from behind barriers at pop-up targets 50 to 300 meters away, Reed said. They have 30 rounds, and a dummy round is inserted into each of the three magazines to simulate a malfunction. Shooters must hit 16 of 26 targets.


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