Stark Equipment Corporation has introduced their SE-2 AR-15 pistol grip that is the first to integrate an ingeniously placed, ambidextrous sling mount. It has an integral, extra wide curved trigger guard that attaches with an included screw making easy lower receiver assembly without having to install a GI roll pin! The SE-2 sling grip is available in several tactical colors, including digital desert camo, and comes in two versions. The Hook Mount provides a loop compatible with sling hooks and the Swivel Mount allows the attachment of push-button sling swivels. Either one will accommodate single point slings very popular with Spec Ops warriors like my friend’s (ex-SEAL and Command Master Chief) Tactical Chalker sling.

The SE-2’s sling mount is located above the hand and below the buffer tube, with a low profile design that stays out of the way of even fully collapsed M4-style stocks. When added to AR pistols, the SE-2 provides excellent control when the used as the base for a tight sling looped around one shoulder for aimed fire. Extensive strength testing has been performed on the SE-2 to ensure a reliable attachment point that you can depend on.


Just like the original SE-1 Pistol Grip, the design of the SE-2 enhances weapon ergonomics and functionality, bringing M16, M4 and AR-15 style weapons to a higher level of control and comfort. The grip has been designed for a wide range of hand sizes and shooting demands. Features include a smooth integral trigger guard to increase comfort, textured surface for added grip and storage for batteries or other equipment. MSRP for the SE-2 is about $44.95, an excellent value considering that you get an excellent custom grip, sling mount and curved trigger guard in one easy to mount, lightweight assembly. For more information please view or call 603-556-7772.

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Stark Equipment Corporation has introduced their SE-2 AR-15 pistol grip that is the first…