Steiner is charting new territory with the addition of its new 10×50 Military Binocular Laser Rangefinder (LRF); A lightweight, laser-rangefinding binocular. Unique and compact in design, the new 10×50 Military LRF is based on Steiner’s own military-tested/military-approved, tried-and true Porro-prism configuration. It integrates sleek two-button interface and a powerful laser rangefinder that outpaces its competition with a maximum ranging distance of 1,600 yards.

The 10×50 Military LRF’s built-in laser rangefinder utilizes an eye-safe invisible FDA Class 1 laser in the left half of the unit. The digital display is superimposed over the image seen in the unit’s right half. By centering the target display on the subject while touching and releasing the “RANGING” button located on top of the right half, the digital display will provide an accurate distance value nearly instantaneously. Holding the ranging button for more than three seconds activates the unit’s scan mode, which is especially helpful when measuring small or moving targets. Scan mode switches off automatically after 20 seconds to conserve battery life.

The 10X50 Military LRF has a wide measurement range from 20 yards to 1,600 yards. With sunshine and good visibility, the unit’s accuracy is within one yard at ranges up to 380 yards, within two yards to 763 yards, and within approximately one-half of one percent to 1,600 yards. The Military LRF is also capable of being switched to provide metric measurements via the “SET” button.

A single, easily accessible 3-volt CR123A battery powers the 10×50 Military LRF laser rangefinder. A new battery will provide in excess of 5,000 individual measurements at 68 degrees F. A flashing display indicates a low-battery condition.

By utilizing the Porro-prism design, the 10×50 is superior to a comparable binocular of roof-prism design because it loses less light, thus providing brighter image reproduction. In addition, Porro prisms provide distortion-free images without the costly addition of phase coatings, and they afford users greater three-dimensional viewing due to the offset lenses. The high-definition mil-spec optical elements provide maximum image clarity and brightness with edge-to-edge sharpness. User focus is set by individual ocular adjustments, which allow for a depth of field from approximately 30 yards to infinite distance, with little or no readjustment needed for varying distances.

The new Steiner 10×50 Military LRF is pressurized with dry nitrogen fill and is waterproof to a depth of 16 feet. The chassis is made with Makrolon®, a fiber reinforced polycarbonate material that is extremely impact resistant. All alloy components are anodized, and external metal parts are finished in enamel to prevent corrosion. The advanced military-oriented design is armored with nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) making the new Steiner 10×50 Military LRF exceptionally rugged, yet it’s surprisingly light in weight at approximately 46 ounces.

Available in January 2010, the suggested retail price is approximately $2,600.  Visit for more information.

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Steiner is charting new territory with the addition of its new 10x50 Military Binocular…