For the August/September 2020 issue of Tactical Life Magazine, you’ll find STL (senior team leader) Joseph Garcia and one of his trusty giant schnauzers on the cover. A senior team leader for Corrections and Special Applications Unit (CSAU-1), Garcia heads a quick-reaction team. They’re always on standby to respond to correctional mayhem (prison riot), across the nation.

One of the team’s strategic assets is its highly trained cadre of giant schnauzers. But Garcia also comes prepared beyond his K-9 companions. He packs an impressive arsenal of guns.

STL Garcia and His Prison Riot Guns

In the August/September issue, author Mike Detty spoke with Garcia about his background and work. He asked, “What are your go-to firearms?”

“We primarily use the KelTec KSG shotguns,” Garcia said. “The reason we went with the KSG is its high capacity and the ability to switch the type of rounds we need on the fly. It gives us the compactness we need. You know it is 26.1 inches long, and that’s one inch smaller than an MP5! It gives us capability no other shotgun in the world can come close to.

“We adopted the KSG some seven years ago and it has worked 100 percent for us. We use the bullpup platform because of the compactness and we’ll run the KelTec RDB rifle with a Razor HD for high-risk transport out of our vehicles.

“Also, we run the new Gen 5 Glocks with Vortex Razor dots and use G-Code holsters. We use Angel Armor for body armor—we love their vests and great technology.”

Want to learn more? Watch the exclusive video above to see more about the guns STL Garcia uses. Want to read the entire article from the August/September 2020 issue of Tactical Life Magazine? Digital and print subscriptions are available now at

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