The Stoeger P-350 Defense is a hardy and robust 3½” chambered 12 gauge shotgun capable of firing a wide-range of specialty loadings, making the pump-action scattergun an ideal LE tactical tool.

With a history dating back nearly a century, the name Stoeger is one that is very familiar in firearm enthusiast circles. From its earliest days importing German Lugers into the United States, Stoeger has built a reputation upon scouring the world for high-quality, unique products and bringing them here to the U.S. market.

Currently under the ownership of Benelli USA and part of the Beretta family of firearm manufacturers, Stoeger continues its storied tradition through to today. And that tradition is still based upon the recognition that shooters here in the U.S. value well-made and robust firearms that are affordably priced. Although the bulk of Stoeger’s offerings are geared toward the sporting market, it also imports a small but dedicated line of “Defense” firearms under its “Specialty Models” division. These weapons offer an excellent line of defense-oriented products that are designed to serve admirably while not breaking the bank.

stoegers-p-350-defense-bThe curved pistol grip of the P-350 Defense features generous molded-in grasping grooves. The action release lever is in the forward portion of the triggerguard.

A terrific example of this is the P-350 Defense, a tough and reliable pump-action shotgun ideally suited for law enforcement use and quite reasonably priced. The P-350 Defense is based off of the company’s P-350 Pump sporting shotgun. Like the sporting models, the P-350 Defense is manufactured in Istanbul by Stoeger Silah Sanayi AS (formerly known as Vursan). This company knows its way around quality manufacturing, having pro-duced tough and reliable shotguns for around two decades.

Although affordable pump-action shotguns are not necessarily that revolutionary, the P-350 Defense does have a few aces in its corner to help set it apart from the competition. First and foremost is the chambering. The P-350 Defense is based off the Stoeger P-350, a tough, polymer-stocked shotgun designed for heavy-duty waterfowling as well as for turkey and medium-sized game hunting, it is chambered for the 3½-inch 12 gauge shell, giving the maximum payload possible in a reasonably sized shotgun.

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The Stoeger P-350 Defense is a hardy and robust 3½” chambered 12 gauge shotgun…