Storm the Hill 2011 is almost here. Have you chipped in yet?

Next Monday, we will be on Capitol Hill with dozens of veterans from across the country fighting unemployment by opening doors for returning vets. But we need your help.

Without your support, thousands of veterans could struggle to find jobs for decades to come. But together we can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Click here to help us get started on ending veteran unemployment.

Whether you’re buying a vet a hamburger or paying for their hotel room, your investment will go a long way in helping us tell Congress that the unemployment crisis requires immediate action.



Don Gomez
Iraq Veteran
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

IAVA Mission and History
Our Mission: IAVA’s mission is to improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.

The Need: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are in their eighth and ninth years respectively. Over two million American troops have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and thousands have been deployed multiple times. IAVA addresses critical issues facing new veterans and their families, including mental health injuries, a stretched VA system, inadequate health care for female veterans, and GI Bill educational benefits. IAVA also provides valuable resources and empowers veterans to connect with one another, fostering a strong and lasting community.

History: IAVA was founded in 2004 by current Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff and his fellow Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. After returning home from their tours, these veterans came together after quickly becoming concerned with the way the war in Iraq was being portrayed in the media and the overall plight of newly returned veterans. There were many policy experts and talking heads on TV, but very few people who had actually served on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan. There was no one talking about what our wounded friends needed and the issues they faced. The creation of IAVA allowed thousands of veterans to join the national dialogue, and to explain what was really happening on the ground overseas and back home in the US.

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Storm the Hill 2011 is almost here. Have you chipped in yet? Next Monday,…