Millions of Americans sat glued to their TV screens watching the surreal scenes of despair acted out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. How many of us thought to ourselves, or wordlessly felt, “It won’t happen to me.” I’m sure thousands of people in New Jersey and New York took exactly that attitude. Then came Sandy! To those sitting smugly in the heartland of the country, thinking themselves safe, I say: Don’t get too comfortable. Tornadoes, forest fires and floods are just a few of the perils Mother Nature can deliver your way.

Please don’t take this as fear mongering. I’m just trying to show you the value of a little forethought. Preparations to ensure your having a supply of food and water as well as warmth and shelter, can go a long way in upping your chances of surviving troubled times. If you’re at a loss as to where to start, take a few minutes to peruse the Internet. You’ll come across more information there than you could ever care to know. Countless books and articles have been written on the subject. Even the federal government has gotten into the act, issuing pamphlets and establishing a website ( The information and advice all of these sources supply amount to more than can be recounted in a single article. Rather, I’d like to bring up the darker side of survivalism—a facet often overlooked. For every person that prepares, there are 50 who do not. Many of them would think nothing of thieving, by force if necessary, your supplies; consequently, self defense is, or ought to be, a major component of any person’s disaster preparedness planning. Read the accounts of Katrina and Sandy to see, that for many, the true horrors of the storm started after the winds died down. Uncle Sam isn’t going to mention this little detail, since it isn’t exactly “politically correct.” However, on seeing a certain new rifle being offered to the shooting public, thoughts of my own survival needs and plans came immediately to mind.

TNW Firearms, Inc. of Vernonia, OR, recently sent out press releases highlighting their latest product, the Aero Survival Rifle (ASR). The ASR was originally designed to provide pilots with a compact firearm that could be stored onboard in the case of an emergency. You won’t find many bush pilots that don’t take this precaution, and having one makes sense for anyone that flies a private plane. It is also easy to see why the ASR is a desirable option for any person looking for the ultimate survival firearm.

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Millions of Americans sat glued to their TV screens watching the surreal scenes of…