Do you think the Joint Chiefs might do better if they tripled the amount of Special Teams in the field—recon, search-and-destroy types, special operations units?
I most certainly do! Small-unit tactics are what’s going to win this war. If you move a large unit, it’s just too obvious. The only way to win—and we’ve done a great job of it so far—is through Intelligence, G2. We need people who can speak the languages, people who we can quietly infiltrate into the small villages that support terrorists. And we have to back them up with small units, such as recon, SEALS, Special Forces. Those are the guys that are going to win this war.

In an article written for and featured in the New York Times, and in speeches, Barack Obama says we should withdraw from Iraq in the coming months and concentrate solely on Afghanistan. Do you agree?
He’s wrong on Iraq, and he’s late on Afghanistan. We’re already increasing our forces in Afghanistan. But I don’t think that adding a lot more troops in Afghanistan is going to accomplish much. It’ll make the liberal news media happy. That’s about it. There’s not much that you can do there. You can defend the turf that you take and you own. But you really can’t attack and take much new ground in those Afghanistan mountains. The terrorists hide up there and they come out when they want to do damage. They sneak around at night, they go back to the mountain tops and into Pakistan where we don’t have permission to attack them. I think our main mission right now should be to liberate Iraq. As far as Afghanistan or the Pakistan borders go, we’ll have to do what we can to keep the pressure on the Taliban. We beat them down to a pulp in both those areas, and then just as soon as we pulled back our troops, the Afghan and Pakistan military didn’t use their forces properly and allowed the Taliban to begin moving right back in. With the help of the mountains and their lairs in Pakistan, where we can’t go. Abandoning Iraq and putting everything into Afghanistan, doesn’t make any sense to me until Iraq can defend itself.

Do you think Osama Bin Laden is still alive?
I’ve said many times that I think Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years, sealed in the tomb of one of those caves up in the mountains where we dropped those Volkswagen-size bombs. His tapes and videos are phony bullshit­—crap that only the media could be fooled with.

061114-a-2421s-001__0uhd0.gifWhat did you think of the Supreme Court decision ruling in favor of civilian-type trials for the terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo Bay?
I think the Supreme Court Justices who voted yes on this decision are a bunch of bleeping idiots! And you know what BLEEPING means! We’re really in trouble now. Because Kennedy, one of the conservative judges, voted with the liberals. Now the bad guys can cut our bleeping heads off, but the minute we threaten one of them with a dog, we go to prison. The Rules of Engagement are ridiculous! We’ve got this terrorist in Guantanamo Bay demanding his rights as an enemy of America. The Justices have declared that we have to provide lawyers for all of these detainees in Guantanamo Bay…we have to give them civilian-type trials. So every time we’re ambushed by a terrorist group—and have to shoot it out—we have to handle the thing like a New York crime scene. We have to call our people out of combat, we have to fly all of the witnesses in, we have to pick up all the weapons and spent ammo as evidence—things like that. Just ridiculous! And, the fact that McCain denounced it right away didn’t do any good because the Justices have spoken. Bleeping idiots!

They passed the “Right to Bear Arms” decision. It was close, though, five to four. The decision said that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms is not limited to state militias, as some historians have argued. Rather, it protects the inherent right of self-defense. What are your thoughts?
That’s right on! We won a close, big fight! The four who voted against us were Stevens, Breyer, Ginsburg, and Souter, the usual liberal pack. They want to take away our guns. These are the same bleeping idiots who did a job on us on the GITMO decision. This time they lost, because none of the conservative judges went along.

Like everybody else, I bet you’re not happy at the gas pumps these days. Any ideas how congress can alleviate the skyrocketing cost of fuel?
I want to ask the nitwits and idiots in Congress, “Why aren’t we drilling for oil and gas right here in this country?” like the President wants to do. You know, they’ve told us that we have enough resources for gas and oil right here that if we didn’t send anything overseas, kept it all for ourselves, we would have 60 years worth at the rate that we’re growing today. And I keep hearing the idiot Harry Reid talking on TV and saying if we started today it would take 10 years before we would see a drop of oil at the pumps. That’s bullshit! You talk to any Texas Roughneck and they’ll tell you that they can drill for oil and that rig would be productive within a year. And then there’s ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). I’ve been there several times. I’ve got to tell you it’s nothing but a wasteland of frozen goddamn tundra…you can’t even drive there, no road! But some people are bitching and pissing and moaning about, “Don’t drill on ANWR.” Only one out of a thousand of them have ever been there, or even to Alaska, period. But the idiot tree huggers and liberals don’t want us to drill there, or offshore, or anywhere on our own land. Hell, they can drill in my backyard if they want.

crw_0322.gifSince the last issue of TW, you were doing a lot more shooting, going out to the ranges, are you still shooting regularly?
I still am. I’m on my way to Camp Perry, OH for the National Shooting Matches. I’m shooting in three different events. The two main events will be the M1 Garand Match and the other the Service Rifle Team Championship. You can shoot any service rifle, but I’m shooting the M14, iron sights, out-of-the-box rifles. You can’t do any tweaking and customizing. Thousands of us will be there. I’m really looking forward to it. If you don’t give match shooting a try, you’re missing out. Especially veterans.

Have you been doing anything special for the Corps lately?
I recently went begging, and a patriotic company named Coast Cutlery stepped up to the plate and gave me over 300 multi tools that GLOCK and I sent to our troops in Iraq. In addition to my annual Marine Corps Balls in November in Okinawa, Japan. In December I’m going to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain and Qatar to play Santa. When I get back I will also be involved with Toys For Tots. November and December, those months belong to the troops; it’s been that way for years.

Any TV news you can give us?
The new show is called “Lock and Load,” and we finished the pilot, which will be aired on THC as this issue goes to press. Readers should keep an eye on THC schedules. The reception of the pilot will determine the show’s future. We’re very excited about it—the show’s focus is on weapons of all sorts. It’s a very entertaining show similar to Mail Call in many respects, but will include computer graphics imaging and be filmed in HD.

–Thanks, Gunny.
Semper Fi!

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