FNH USA’s Vice President of LE and Commercial Sales, Ken Pfau, is shown here running a stage with the company’s excellent 5.56mm SCAR 16S rifle.

This story is not about me. However, to appreciate why it’s important to me you need to know my background. When I first became a police officer I was not a pistol shooter. I’d shot pistols but not in a tactical/practical manner; mostly just for hunting and recreation. Surprisingly, I won top gun at the academy and shot the high score at my first department qualification. That’s when I realized something had to be done to improve the shooting skills of the officers I worked with, because a rookie shouldn’t be the best shot.

I convinced the department to allow me to organize shooting matches and to supply ammunition for the officers to participate. This helped some, but when I became the firearms instructor, I was able to institute new qualification procedures and training. This better prepared my fellow officers for bad situations.

I understand that competitive shooting is not a realistic simulation of what a police officer might face on the street. But, I also believe that the elevated adrenalin levels shooters experience during competition does a good job of replicating stressful situations. I firmly believe that police officers that learn to perform with firearms under stressful (competitive) situations have a better chance of survival in real-world/life-and-death encounters.

3-Gun Match
I attended the 5th Annual Midwest 3-Gun Match as a guest of FNH USA. FNH’s motive for the invite was for me to have an opportunity to conduct a practical field test of three of their guns: the SCAR semi-auto carbine, the SLP shotgun and the new FNX-9 semi-automatic pistol. I’d shot a lot of local combat-style matches with pistols, rifles and shotguns, and I’d also competed in a few major matches with a handgun. I’d never participated in a major 3-gun match of this magnitude.

I was squaded with the FNH team that consisted of Ken Pfau, Tommy Thacker, Mark & Tasha Hanish, Larry Houck and Dianna Liedorff. I knew how to shoot but was unfamiliar with the rules and protocol of an event of this size. Dianna offered to tutor me along, and at least try to keep me from embarrassing myself.

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FNH USA’s Vice President of LE and Commercial Sales, Ken Pfau, is shown here…