Stumpies Custom Guns The Dude rifle
Stumpies Custom Guns "The Dude"
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Stumpies Custom Guns began with Johnny Morris and Brad Lang.

While in Afghanistan in July 2011 with the United States Marine Corps, both Morris and Lang lost limbs as a result of an IED blast. Morris lost his left leg below the knee and Lang lost both legs above the knee.

As their website reads, “While recovering together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) – Bethesda,  they decided to go into business together to open a custom firearms business.”

Stumpies Custom Guns was born, and now Stumpies is raffling off a brand new rifle.

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Named “The Dude”, this rifle will be raffled off later this year to raise funds for the EOD Warrior Foundation. The name derives from the nickname of a buddy of Stumpies owner Brad Lang who was killed in action. As raffled, it will include everything you see here like the Leupold optic and Adams Industries night vision device as well as several other goodies not yet ready.

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