SureFire Institute shotgun training can help take you to the next level, as I found out recently. Contrary to popular belief, the police shotgun remains a viable if not preferred long gun for law enforcement use. Many agencies still issue pump shotguns, often in conjunction with patrol rifles. Pump shotguns are some of the most versatile weapons available to a patrol officer. Reliable, robust and capable of generating significant energy on target the shotgun can be a real fight-stopper. Advancements in ammunition design have resulted in tighter buckshot patterns at 25 yards, and today’s slugs are accurate and effective to at least 100 yards.

For many, Vang Comp offers quintessential combat shotguns. Bill Murphy, the owner and director of the SureFire Institute and Firearms Training Associates (FTA) believed in them enough to buy a large portion of the company. This may be the best partnership of trainer, operator and builder in the weapons industry. Bill has used these shotguns to great effect for decades as a police officer, trainer and contractor, so it only seemed fitting for me to take one of Vang Comp’s Remington 870 shotguns out to California for some basic and advanced training with Bill Murphy.

FTA shotgun classes are geared towards civilian and law enforcement users ranging from the very beginner to the experienced operator. Bringing years of experience as a Gunsite range master running shotgun classes, Bill’s tactics and methods are well proven. Moving through the basic to advanced shotgun classes over two days was a great refresher for me, and they provided more than a couple of new tricks and techniques. The training included standard drills, going through indoor and outdoor shoothouses, as well as taking on a moving and charging target. We used both buckshot and slugs, the latter of which we took out to 100 yards.

Take a quick look at this video from the class and keep your eyes peeled for a future column on it in GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, and a feature on the Vang Comp shotgun in an upcoming issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS. The video will give you a solid idea about the class as well as the combat and duty viability of the Vang Comp’s shotguns. For more information, visit or call 714-701-9978.

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