I observed a new Caddy traveling down a major highway in Baltimore without its headlights on. It was 10 p.m., a clear night but windy, no other traffic on the road besides him and me. I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, using my SureFire G2Z combat light to peer inside and observe that both rear seats in the brand-new Caddy had been cut up with a knife.

The driver rolled down his window, and I immediately detected the smell of marijuana wafting from the vehicle. In the front seats were two large, linebacker-sized men. I got the license and registration from the driver, advising him that I would cut him loose in a few minutes. I went back to my cruiser door and slammed it loudly, pretending to go inside my cruiser. Then I walked around to the rear of my car, staying out of their sight, but close enough for me to view both occupants.

A few moments later, the passenger opened the door and leaned out. My weapon was already aimed at him, my G2Z lighting him up and blinding his eyes. I ordered both men to show me their hands, at which time the driver reached for the sky and the passenger shut his door. I tucked my SureFire under my arm and requested any inbound units to “step it up” in getting to my stop. Three seconds later, the passenger opened his door and got out of the vehicle. My gun and light were immediately on him and the man raised his arms to shield his eyes. I shouted at him to lay down on the ground, but he refused, continuing to walk towards me, yelling at me to shoot him and banging on his chest. As I continued to blind him with the light and give him orders, a car came to a sliding halt behind me. The driver of this car quickly turned off the headlights and identified himself as off-duty police, showing me his ID. He then drew his weapon and trained it on the suspect.

Realizing he was outnumbered, the suspect got down on the ground. I asked the off-duty cop to cover me as I handcuffed the suspect. While cuffing him, the cavalry arrived and placed the driver under arrest. A search of both suspects revealed a large quantity of drugs and a 9-inch hunting knife tucked into the passenger’s belt. I later asked the passenger if he ever considered using that knife. He said that he would have, but he couldn’t see where I was and how far away I was because of the blinding, bright flashlight in his eyes.

— Justin W., Baltimore, MD

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