Remington’s ultimate LE 870P MAX modified to the lighter camo’d Speedfeed configuration.

One of the most pervasive myths about the so-called “fighting” shotgun is that a wider shot pattern is a better shot pattern. The cop who uses one professionally knows better, or certainly should. As a realistic general standard in an urban setting, if you can’t count on placing your entire shot on one single target, you probably shouldn’t be using the shotgun at all.

Remington 870P MAX
After working with pumps and various semi-auto designs over the years, the tried and true Remington 870 platform still does it for me. Rugged, reliable and simple, they just keep on going. Remington’s top-of-the-LE-line 870P MAX is the best 870 you can buy in factory form. With an 18-inch IC (Improved Cylinder) fixed choke, sturdy Speedfeed black synthetic full-length pistolgrip stock, two-shot factory magazine extension, SureFire forend, Parkerized finish, Wilson Combat ghost ring rear sight and very visible XS bead front sight, the 870P MAX is the company’s Cadillac of defensive 12 gauge pump hardware. It gets more attention to detail than the less expensive Express models and retains the alloy trigger group, forged extractor and heavier action springs of the older guns.

Vang Comp added 62 ports on the barrel to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle rise.

Genuine sights are critical for maximizing the utility of a shotgun. They allow accurate shot placement with slugs, extending the working range of a shotgun out to 100 yards with compatible ammunition. They can also help in maintaining elevation relative to the point of aim with buckshot as distances increase, and any time you reduce the guesswork involved, you improve efficiency. With two more rounds on board, a decent recoil pad and an integrated light system with no dangling wires to snag on anything, the 870P MAX is one of the best on the market. Just add a sling and batteries and hit the street. But what
about taking it to the next level?

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Remington’s ultimate LE 870P MAX modified to the lighter camo’d Speedfeed configuration. One of…