Tactical Communications Group (TCG), the leading independent provider of tactical data link (TDL) software solutions for military test, training, simulation and operational applications worldwide, today announced its successful deployment of TCG’s Ground Support System (GSS) to the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). TCG’s GSS, now installed at four RSAF airbases, will provide a highly capable ground-based TDL training and simulation environment for Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) training of the RSAF’s F-15 aircraft fleet. GSS will enhance RSAF’s command and control capabilities and prepare its military for realistic air operations. As a result of a task order award, TCG installed the GSS units and trained RSAF Personnel in Saudi Arabia to provide live operations and training of F-15 aircrew and ground tactical data link users. This task order, issued under the Air Force Net-Centric Solutions contract held by General Dynamics Information Technology, was the first of several Foreign Military Sales (FMS) awards for the U.S. Government’s data link Ground Support System (GSS) which teams General Dynamics Information Technology and TCG’s GSS.

“This successful implementation highlights TCG’s proven capability to meet our international clients’ rigorous technical, operational, training and support requirements,” said Ed Durkin, TCG’s President and CEO. “Our high-quality and highly capable GSS TDL product and strong dedicated installation and training team were critical components to the success of the project. Our on-going and previous global experience with clients like Finland, Japan, Sweden, Korea as well as the US Air Force was instrumental to understanding and delivering superb capability to the RSAF, at an affordable price to meet their needs. We look forward to continuing to work with RSAF and expanding our in Kingdom presence.”

About Tactical Communications Group
Founded in 2001, Tactical Communications Group (TCG) is the leading independent supplier of tactical data link software solutions for military communications worldwide. Its powerful, flexible software solutions minimize the time, cost and effort required to build, integrate, test, and deploy military systems that need connectivity and interoperability with tactical data link networks. TCG’s complete tactical data link (TDL) product line includes military testing software, used to ensure compliance of TDL solutions to military standards using the BOSS test solution; military multi-link training systems for battlefield readiness using TCG’s GTS training solution; highly realistic simulation capabilities that can be integrated with flight, ground and naval task trainers using sophisticated organic or contractor-provided scenarios, and live operational systems for secure warfighter communications enabling better operational coordination and increased mission effectiveness using TCG’s LinkPRO software. TCG’s customers include leading military organizations, systems integrators and test agencies worldwide. TCG is headquartered in Tewksbury, MA with offices in Newport News, VA, San Diego, CA, Nellis AFB, NV and Orlando, FL. For additional information, please visit us at or call at 978-654-4800.

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