Tactical International and world renown knife designer Blackie Collins have created the tool that allows the rifleman access to both a knife and emergency maintenance options in one easy-to-carry package.

The RIFLEMAN’S TOOL is designed to be carried by operators that require an auto-opening blade, glass breaker and fire starter, as well as a shell extractor and sight adjustment tool for their primary battle rifle. At a size comparable (overall length 9 1/16″) to folders that provide only a blade, this field tool is readily accessible in an emergency and could prove to be a lifesaver.

The RIFLEMAN’S TOOL boasts an auto-opening 3 13/16″ Tanto blade manufactured from CPM154 steel known for its toughness and resistance to abuse, thickness is 5/32″ and the Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating adds a surface hardness that will further resist blade damage. The blade is available in both a honed and a half-honed/half-serrated version.
Opening is easily accomplished by depressing the blade release button, that is recessed to help prevent accidental activation.
The handle is constructed of 6061 T6 Aluminum, with a Type 3 Mil-spec anodized Hardcoating that has proven to resist corrosion and increase wear resistance. Friction lines and sculpted finger edge create a positive grip to defeat hand slippage even when handled with gloves.

Carrying the RIFLEMAN’S TOOL on clothing or battle gear is easily accomplished with the aluminum attachment clip. A lanyard hole is also provided in the customary location.

What sets the RIFLEMAN’S TOOL apart from other battlefield knives is the inclusion of several useful implements that are often needed without warning. Incorporated into the handle are a steel glass breaker, front sight adjustment tool, fire starter and an aluminum shell extractor that will not mar or disfigure the locking lugs of the M16/AR-15 that commonly occurs when using non-appropriate tools.
As with the primary intended usage of the RIFLEMAN’S TOOL, removal of these self-contained tools can be accomplished while wearing gloves commonly worn during battlefield operations.

Available in Black and Digital Camo.

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