Tactical Rifles’ new Classic Sporter is available in numerous calibers. It combines good looks with drop-them-in-their-tracks precision. Leupold’s VX-3 tops off this Chimera beauty.

There are rifles that look classy and there are rifles the shoot phenomenally well. Occasionally, you find one that does both. It seems as though the folks at Tactical Rifles have hit the mark on both counts with their new offering: the Classic Sporter. Best known for their rugged and precise military-looking bolt-action and AR-platform long guns, Tactical Rifles of Zephyrhills, Florida, is offering something different. This new model is built for the shooter who desires pinpoint accuracy but also wants a polished, traditional-looking rifle.


Classic Sporter
The centerpiece of the Classic Sporter rifle is the “Chimera” action, a Tactical Rifles design that is now a standard feature on their bolt-action rifles. Actually, Tactical Rifles has a Chimera line of products, and the best among these are their bolt-actions and lightweight, rhino-tough scope rings. The Chimera action is constructed from stainless steel with a hand-fitted spiral-groove bolt and “Magnum” extractor. As with all of their long guns, a meticulously tuned match-quality trigger was installed that breaks at 3.5 pounds.

Atop the receiver you’ll find a two-piece Picatinny rail system to mount your favorite optic. All of the metal parts are finished with an “Extreme Environment” corrosion-resistant coating. On my rifle, this w as a non-reflective matte black.

The spiral-groove bolt body is both attractive and functional. Tactical Rifles will build your rifle with a long or short action.

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Tactical Rifles’ new Classic Sporter is available in numerous calibers. It combines good looks…