Florida-based manufacturer Tactical Rifles is confident in the products that it makes. So confident that it lives by the phrase, “We can’t make you a better shooter, but you’ll think we did.”

That same precision performance expected in every Tactical Rifles model can be found right away in the all new M40-66.

The M40-66 is a retro rifle built after the original M40 introduced into the USMC in 1966, but finished with the highest tolerances like Tactical Rifles’ normal tactical builds.

Everything on the walnut stock is hand-fitted and finished. Tactical Rifles is relying on real bedding, and not on an aluminum bedding block, to achieve performance.

The stainless heavy hand lapped match grade barrel and metalwork is finished in a non-reflective black 6000-hr salt spray resistant finish. Finish chambering on the M40-66 is also being done by hand so that tolerances will yield sub half MOA with factory match ammo.

For more information on the M40-66, please visit or call 877-811-GUNS(4867). For more products from Tactical Rifles, please visit

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