Can you have a suppressed weapon without it being an unwieldly length? Enter the Tactical Solutions creation known as the TSAR-300.

This is an upper with an 11-inch barrel which has a permanently attached suppressor shroud. This shroud technically extends the length out to a full 16.1 inches making it exempt from NFA rules and regulations. The shroud is designed to house your .30 caliber suppressor which you would probably put on the gun to begin with. The shroud has an inside diameter of 1.75 inches making it large enough for a majority of cans on the market. It even works with most suppressors that use a specific mounting brake. You will simply mount the can on the muzzle device first, then attach it to the upper just as you would a regular direct thread suppressor.

Ready for more? Take a look above at an exclusive performance review of the TSAR. Stay tuned for a complete review of the TSAR-300 in an upcoming issue of “Tactical Weapons.”

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