Tactical Weapons magazine is proud to announce that one of its contributors, Jon Weiler, and his organization Survival Trial is lending his support for troops suffering from PTSD.

Jon Weiler’s Survival Trial is proud to support NotAlone, an organization that specializes in assisting Veterans and their families better cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is one of the widest and most difficult challenges facing Veterans and their families today. NotAlone functions throughout the nation working directly with Veterans or various Veterans organizations to assist with the transition from combat zone to civilian life.

Competitors in the September 29, 2012 STII: “By Daylight” will have the unique opportunity to compete within Survival Trial on behalf of NotAlone. Each team has its own sponsorship page:, wherein each page highlights the competitors and explores their individual strengths and weaknesses. This aspect of competition benefits not only NotAlone, but also each team as they maneuver through the course. With a benefactor in tow, teams have an extra incentive to do their absolute best.

STII teams begin with accumulating individual sponsors donating to NotAlone on behalf of their performance in the competition. The goal for each team is to raise $2000 dollars of which 100% goes directly to NotAlone. Companies are urged to sponsor teams through Corporate Sponsorships, these Corporate Sponsors then select teams based upon personal history, or previous Survival Trial performance. Team performance during Survival Trial would then dictate the percentage of individual sponsorship value for each companies matching contribution:

1st Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 100% of Individual Sponsorship
2nd Place: Corporate Sponsor matching 90% of Individual Sponsorship
3rd Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 80% of Individual Sponsorship
4th Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 70% of Individual Sponsorship
5th Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 60% of Individual Sponsorship
6th Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 50% of Individual Sponsorship
7th Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 40% of Individual Sponsorship
8th Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 30% of Individual Sponsorship
9th Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 20% of Individual Sponsorship
10th Place: Corporate Sponsor matches 10% of Individual Sponsorship

Individual sponsorship links can be found at the team bio pages and companies interested in becoming Corporate Sponsors may contact Jon Weiler at [email protected] More information on the Veteran organization NotAlone can be found at

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Tactical Weapons magazine is proud to announce that one of its contributors, Jon Weiler,…