Traditional hunting rifles will be one of the major focuses of RF magazine, but don’t rule out ARs, long-range sniper systems, muzzleloaders and even the occasional dream rifle.

As the premier issue of Rifle Firepower hits the newsstands and bookstores across the nation, many big-game hunters are hitting the backcountry in pursuit of their next trophy. Our editorial staff couldn’t think of a better time to welcome you, our nation’s hunters and shooting enthusiasts, to come along for the maiden adventure.
To kick things off, we’d like to give you our editorial GPS coordinates, otherwise known as our Game Plan Sights. Our goal is to take dead aim at the following mission, and stay true to the course page after page and issue after issue.

Rifle Firepower’s Game Plan Sights are locked on to help readers wring out the most accuracy, performance, speed, dependability and reliability from their firearms—whether it’s a traditional wood-stocked beauty, an accessorized AR-platform rifle, a muzzleloader or anything in between. Strategies and editorial content from today’s sharpest writers and photographers will put readers on target shot after shot! Skill sets and weapon reviews featured are from some of the most trusted names in the shooting and hunting world. Our crack team of editors and designers is devoted to showcasing the newest rifles, ammo, accessories and tactics in a quick-hitting, easy-to-digest yet highly informative fashion.

Like all riflemen and their old-reliable rifles, Rifle Firepower will never quit on our readers. Every issue is packed with field-proven, no-fluff, leading-edge guns, ammunition and shooting strategies that will help shooters rise to the highest level of their downrange passions. We’re committed to bringing fair and balanced reviews and tactics that’ll literally hit the bull’s-eye time and time again.

And you remember that old expression that goes something like, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”? Well, that’s one expression that we’re looking to do away with. Are we biting off too much with that claim? Nope, we’re not! We’ll be running tests and evaluations on rifles ranging from .50-caliber sniper-competition-worthy big bores, to modern-day air rifles that have found a huge place in the training arena and youth shooting sports. In the ammunition field, we’ll cover the latest in factory-produced fodder that’ll be a perfect fit for the zombie hunter in you, all the way to hard-pounding big-game handloads you can make from your home bench.

One apology is necessary, though. If you’re a purist who might turn up his nose at the almighty “military black rifle,” this might be the magazine that changes your mind. We don’t play favorites here, and we don’t bash another rifleman’s pleasure simply because it doesn’t look like something we may not be accustomed to. From black guns to blackpowder rifles, to custom beauties from a small town shop and factory-produced bolt-actions and semi-autos, Rifle Firepower is on the case.

Well, the fruits of our labor are ready to be consumed by each and every one of you. We sincerely hope you enjoy our first—and hopefully very accurate—shot. Give us your feedback at [email protected] Shoot us your thoughts and ideas for future stories so we can stay the course together for many years to come. —Nino Bosaz

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Traditional hunting rifles will be one of the major focuses of RF magazine, but…