Talon Ordnance TM4-SA
Talon Ordnance's TM4-SA Is Designed For Top Performance

Mississippi-based Talon Ordnance has announced the introduction of its new TM4-SA rifle for 2015.

“Each part of the weapon was examined to determine if a change could be made to improve its performance,” said Clay Baldwin, CEO ofTalon Ordnance. “This rifle eliminates the need to retrofit a base weapon with aftermarket parts to make it function as it should. Every element is designed to work together. As good as the TM4 looks, it shoots even better.”

Baldwin also says that the proprietary barrel was designed to provide extreme resistance to heat fatigue while maintaining a true bore by eliminating chrome lining, allowing superb accuracy and extreme longevity under even the harshest conditions. The barrel is protected by a unique one-piece, free-floating handguard that seamlessly mates to the upper receiver, utilizing a new design.

The machined aluminum Talon Enhanced Pistol Grip aligns to the TM4 lower receiver, and has the exact dimension of a 1911 pistol, even providing the ability to interchange the side panel grips.

Upgraded springs, a new flash-hider design and the introduction of Eagle Armor on the bolt carrier group make the new TM4-SA unmatched in off-the-shelf performance. A full-auto version, the TM4, is available for military and law enforcement use.

For more information on the TM4-SA and other products from Talon Ordnance, please visit TalonOrdnance.com.

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